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Hire a knowledgeable plumber in Austell, GA

Functioning plumbing is a vital part of your home or office. The professionals at Sealed Tight Plumbing, LLC work hard to keep pipes all over Austell, GA flowing free and clear. Make us your first choice for plumbing services.

Our plumber has been in the plumbing trade for over a decade. We're known for diagnosing plumbing issues and fixing them correctly the first time. We're licensed to complete plumbing services in Georgia, and we warranty all of our work.

Unfortunately we do not service or replace septic tank systems.

Contact us right away to talk to an experienced plumber about your plumbing issues.

How to choose the right plumber

How to choose the right plumber

With all of the plumbers serving the Austell and Atlanta area, how can you make sure you're choosing the right one? Consider these tips:

  • Make sure your plumber has insurance to protect you in case of an injury or accident.
  • Find out how long the plumber has been in business.
  • Go with a plumber who will perform plumbing services for reasonable prices.
  • Ask the plumber if they guarantee their work and the parts they install.


As you go through the list above, you'll find that Sealed Tight Plumbing checks off every item. Call us now at 404-447-0252 for more details about our plumbing services in Austell, GA.

Sealed Tight Plumbing LLC is a military veteran owned and opertated plumbing company serving Austell, GA and Atlanta, GA areas. We also appreciate the service of others and are happy to offer military discounts to all active duty or military veterans. Call (404) 447-0252 for more information.


Make us a part of your remodeling team

If you're remodeling your bathroom, you'll need a trusted plumber on your team to install fixtures and re-route pipes. We'll provide all of the plumbing services you need, including water heater and sump pump services, to update and beautify your bathroom. Call today to share your ideas with us.